lunedì 21 novembre 2011

Hazelnuts and choco cake

As soon as people know about my cooking passion they always ask me why I cook.
And always I really don't know what could be the answer. The exact answer I mean.
I could say becouse I live with an "always hungry man" and I need to cook.
I could say becouse since I was a little girl I sow my mother cook and bake for a lot of people (relatives and friends) for Holidays, Birthdays or special dinners.
I could say becouse I like to see people become happy in eating my food.
I could say becouse cooking relaxes me or just becouse it makes me happy.

Maybe are all of these together but please don't ask, it makes me nervous!! 
I cook and that's all.
Eat and Enjoy!!

Hazelnuts and choco cake

What you need:
g 150 Kamut flour
g 50 potato flour
g 150 sugar
g 100 hazelnuts + about 10 for decoration
g 100 extra dark chocolate
g 75 butter
3 eggs
a pinch of salt
ml 50 coffee (espresso or moka)
1 spoon of gluten free baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla flavor
Icing sugar to decorate

  • melt in a wather bath choco and butter until they are fluid
  • in a blender mix together hazelnuts, eggs, slat and coffee until they are a cream
  • put the cream and the choco fluid in a bowl and add sugar, the flours (kamut and potato), baking powder and vanilla
  • transfer in a baking tin and cook in the oven at 180° for 25-30 minutes
  • when it's cool place on the plate and deocre with icing sugar and hazelnuts  

13 commenti:

  1. Anche io vivo con un uomo che ha sempre fame!!! :-)
    La torta e' bellissima, in bocca al lupo :-)

  2. Oh, my goodness this is almost like eating a Nutella cake:) Complimenti, che delizia!

  3. ultimamente anche mio marito ha una fame esagerata... complimenti per la torta, bellissima

  4. @arabafelice: questi mariti, si dovrebbe vivere solo per star dietro a loro! :)
    @Francesca: grazie, secondo e è anche meglio della nutella
    @Elena:i mariti hanno sempre fame, chissà com'è!!
    @carla:grazie, te ne lascio una fetta!

  5. Hazelnut n chocolate is such a classic combo, your cake looks spectacular n very yummy!

  6. Hazelnut and cocoa, they are perfect and the best couple in the world. I am sure the cake tastes superb!

  7. messaggio ricevuto non facciamo domande e ci godiamo nel vero senso della parola questo dolce al cioccolato del quale apprezzo molto le farine e le nocciole :-)

  8. quella che sempre fame invece sono io
    altro che marito!!!!!
    complimenti la tua torta è ottima

  9. Concordo, anche a me piace cucinare: punto e basta! :) Che bontà questa torta, brava!!

  10. io adoro le nocciole! chissà come sono particolari insieme al kamut!
    Un salutino per dirti che mi sono trasferita a un nuovo indirizzo, passa a farmi un saluto nella nuova casina! :)

  11. What a delicious tart! I also like the pine nuts cookies. Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes.