mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Pumpink and potatoes

I need more time. I want more time. More time to cook, more time to spend in my blog and around blogs I like. 
What can I do with a new kitchen if I have no time to spend in it? 
And what can I do with a new house if I go out very soon in the morning and come back late in the evening? A new house just to sleep? I don't need it, thanks.
Something has changed in my life during last months but I'm afraid that more still needs to be changed. 
I'm working on it and I'll be back. Soon. I hope.

In the meantime I leave you with a very quick fall recipe. Becouse are only fast the recipes I can do in this time of my life. 
Take care.

What you need for 2:
g 100 pumpkin
3 potatoes
extra virgin oil, salt, rosemary and black pepper to season

  • wash, peel and cut pumpink and potatoes in slices
  • put first some oil in the dish, cover with the slides (mix them so you have yellow and orange colours in the dish)
  • season at your favour with salt, pepper, rosemary and some more oil
  • put in the oven at 200° for 30-35 minutes.

Easy, fast and nice the double colour to see!

11 commenti:

  1. So sorry to hear this and hope that things are better very soon. Your recipe sounds delicious! Take care.

  2. Mi piace molto la zucca, abbinata alle patate, altro ortaggio che amo molto, è buonissima.
    Riguardo alla mancanza di tempo ti capisco benissimo, anch'io vorrei averne sempre di più e invece sono sempre a correre!

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  4. Adoro la zucca e la sto cucinando a pieno ritmo, ma con le patate, ancora non l'ho provata, buona idea!

  5. dai vedrai che organizzandoti bene troverai il tempo che cerchi!
    la ricettina veloce e' speciale!
    ciao carla

  6. First time here. Loved your space. Happy to follow you:-)

  7. non mi parlare di cambiamenti guarda, che io sono nel caos :( Un bacione e ti aspettiamo mangiando questo delizioso piattino :D
    Un bacione

  8. Delicious quick recipe! I can understand, the hours go by so fast and work leaves you so tired you only want to cook quick and easy stuff. I love your tarts, would love to try you kiwi one! May God bless you with less work, more prosperity and more time... to rest and cook!


  9. I love simple dishes and this one sounds so delicious, and different in its two colors.
    Hope you find the balance you need in your life. Being aware that you need change is already half the way to get there :o)

  10. I really like this recipe with pumpkin and potatoes, a great recipe to accompany the main course with meat

  11. Ciao! Grazie di essere passata da me! hai un blog molto bello! da oggi ti seguo anch'io!!
    Ciao e a presto!