giovedì 10 novembre 2011

Fall plum cake

When the days become cooler and the air more chilly, my breakfast become more strong.
My wake up cup of tea become a cup of hot milk, usually chocolate milk. And my light toast become a traditional breakfast cake. My best are with fresh and dried fruits, a good quantity of eggs and sugar. Definitly, I need something that I cuddly and that fill my stomach.
Meanwhile, someone could explain me why the chilly air does make me so hungry???

What you need:
g 300 flour
g 100 potato flour
g 180 sugar
2 eggs
ml 100 milk
ml 100 sunflower oil
1 pear
1 apple
g 50 raisins
g 50 dried red fruits
1 lemon (zest+juice)
10 azelnuts
g 5 powder yeast
a pinch of salt
icing sugar (optional)

  • wash, peel and cut in slices the pear and the apple, cover with lemon juice
  • in a bowl put the raisin and the dried red fruits and cover with hot water
  • in a bowl mix sugar, eggs, a pinch of salt
  • add lemon zest, milk, oil and slowly the 2 flours and the yeast
  • mix all very well and put the cake base in a plum cake stamp
  • add oon the top the azelnuts and cook on the oven at 180° for about 40 minutes
  • before serving if you like decore with some icing sugar

10 commenti:

  1. Non mi crederai, è da stamattina che mi gira in testa l'idea di fare un plumcake e di metterci dentro un po' di mirtilli! Detto, fatto :) Grazie mille.

  2. Plumcake, ottimo per la colazione!! Love it!

  3. Your plum cake looks so tempting! I really don't know why the chilly weather makes us hungry, but I do remember the time when I was a teenager and as soon as summer arrived I would quickly lose the scarce pounds I had gained in the winter. Have to admit though, that summers in Brazil are VERY hot!

  4. Your plum cake looks good! I would love to try your recipe. It is the perfect cake for fall mornings and afternoon with tea.


  5. Questo plumcake è una meraviglia, complimenti! Un bacio e buon mercoledì!

  6. E' stupendo questo plum cake, anche a me piacciono così ricchi, magari una fetta in meno ma buonissimo come questo...
    Bravissima! baci ;-)

  7. Buonissimo il tuo plumcake, non manca proprio nulla, davvero ottimo per la colazione! Ciao, ciao,Babi

  8. Un plumcake saporito e gustoso! Complimenti per il blog e per le ricettine deliziose :-) ti seguo volentieri se ti va passa a trovarmi mi farebbe piacere :-) baci