mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

Orange and choco tart

To begin a new years together.........let's tart!

If you read me you already know: tarts are my love. I have a different tart for each season, one for each month, one for each party or birthday or special holiday. With some homemade jam, with cream and fruit   or in gluten free version  (go for a visit on my "crostate" label and you'll see all them!)
Tart is the first cake thas comes on my mind evry time I decide to bake some cake. I find tarts easy to do, nice for the guests and full of happiness!
More of that it's really difficult they are not successfull. They don't flopped, they don't take down, they don't require proving.
You can call me "the tart woman".

Enjoy this tart and let me go to arrange for the next...

What you need

For the base:
g 350 flour
g 100 sugar
2 eggs
g 100 butter
1 zested orange peel
a pinch of salt

For the cream:
g 250 ricotta cheese
3 tbps sugar
1 orange
1 egg
3 tbps milk
g 1 vanilla
g 80 dark chocolate

  • on your work table (or in a bowl) put the flour. In the middle add sugar, eggs, a pinch of salt and orange zest
  • mix a little and add melted butter
  • mix all together until form a dought and let rest in the fridge for 10 minutes
  • in a bowl put the ricotta cheese and chash it very ell until have a cream
  • add the sugar, the egg, the orange juice, milk, vanilla and mix slowly
  • chop the dark choco and let's settle the tart
  • put on the base of the baking tin the 2/3 of the dought
  • put on the ricotta cream and cover with chopped choco
  • finish with a couple of orange slices if you like
  • decore with some strips had with the rest of the dought
  • cook for 35 minutes at 180°C
Fragrant and delicious!

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